Harrogate FlyFishers' Club
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Harrogate FlyFishers' Club

Harrogate Fly Fishers' Club is one of the premier game fishing clubs in the North of England. Founded in 1887 as the Harrogate Conservative Angling Association, it changed its name to Harrogate Fly Fishers' Club in 1939. The Club is certainly the oldest in Nidderdale, and one of the oldest in Yorkshire. For many years, it has fished and managed four double-bank miles of the River Nidd, centred on Darley, a village eight miles to the northwest of Harrogate.

The water provides first class fishing throughout the year; trout in the spring and summer months, and, during the autumn and winter, some superb grayling fishing. There is a substantial head of wild trout and grayling; which breed in the numerous becks, which feed the main stream. If you would like to read an article, published in Trout and Salmon Magazine, that describes a days fishing on our waters please
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In addition to its own waters, the Club has
reciprocal arrangements with three other Clubs. This provides access to a variety of superb lake, beck and river fishing throughout NorthYorkshire. 

To maintain the quality of the fishery, regular working parties are held throughout the autumn and winter. All members are encouraged to take part in this activity.

The Club’s current membership comprises fifty five ordinary members, as well as a small number of life and senior members. There is a waiting list, but this is relatively short, and should not deter applications for membership. The annual subscription is £240 with an entrance fee of £150

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